WP7: Project Exploitation: Bridging Research, Industry and Education

Main objective of WP7 is to exploit the outcomes originated by the other WP activities in line with the final and general aims, namely to promote the interaction between education, research and industry to favor the modernization of the HE, innovation of the food industry and promote the development of a sustainable build-up of the society in EU. The activities will include an extensive study and analysis of the present and past project networks on research, the 3rd International conference, the development of the International Journal of Food Studies e-journal, webinars and a prototype of a summer school for Food studies teachers.

Coordinator: Rui Costa (Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, PT)

Co-coordinator: Stephan Drusch (Technical University of Berlin, DE)

Core Group partners: Julian Drausinger (Lebensmittelversuchsanstalt, AT)


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T7.1 Synergies with research networks

- Database of national funding agencies (with links) to search for ongoing and past projects

T7.2 Exploitation towards the wider scientific community and stakeholders in the food chain       

     - Conference       
     - e-journal       
     - Webinars       
     - Training School for Educators and Teachers of FS&T/Eng

T7.3 FS&T in the society

T7.4 Support Informatics Technology & Communication (IT&C) to the network activities