WP4: Qualification of Higher Education Teaching Staff (QHETS)


Main objective of WP4 is the building of a framework that will offer an European lecturing qualification addressing the multi-national character of lecturing staff throughout the European Food Studies community.

This qualification will identify a series of competencies that are fundamental to the lecturing process while acknowledging the need to have individually tailored programmes to suit national, regional and academic field idiosyncrasies.

Coordinator: Jesus Frias (Dublin Institute of Technology, IR)

Co-coordinator: Anna McElhatton (University of Malta, MT)

Core Group partners: Richard Marshall (Iseki-Food Association, AT), Alena Pistovcakova (Technical University in Zvolen, SK)


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Pilot Training Scool 

The previous activities of the ISEKI and ISEKI_Food Network Projects have demonstrated the importance of "educating the educator" in innovative teaching and learning methods. There is a need for practitioners to create a community in the area of teaching and learning in food studies. ISEKI4 has launched a training qualification to introduce food studies professionals to this innovative teaching in the subject.

Training module for theaches

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For more info, contact please

Project Coordinator Paola Pittia  ppittia [at] unite [dot] it, or  IFA Secretariat office [at] iseki-food [dot] net