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In addition, a book series edited by Kristberg Kristbergsson (University of Iceland) is published in collaboration with Springer. The ISEKI-Food book series is a collection where various aspects of food safety and environmental issues are introduced and reviewed by scientists experts in the field. In all of the books a special emphasis is placed on including case studies applicable to each specific topic.
The books are intended for graduate students and senior level undergraduate students as well as professionals and researchers interested in food safety and environmental issues applicable to food safety.

  • The ISEKI-Food book series (click here)
    • Food Safety: A practical and case study approach (ISBN 978-0-387-33509-4)
    • Odors in the Food Industry (ISBN 978-0-387-33510-0)
    • Utilization of By-Products and Treatment of Waste in the Food Industry (ISBN 978-0-387-33511-7)
    • Predictive Modelling and Risk Assessment (ISBN 978-0-387-33512-4)
    • Experiments in Unit Operations and Processing of Foods (ISBN 978-0-387-33513-1)
    • Case Studies in Food Safety and Environmental Health (ISBN 978-0-387-33514-8)
    • Novel Technologies in Food Science (ISBN 978-1-4419-7879-0)